About Us


Our Teaching Team

Our Teachers:

4 year old groups: Lynne (Director)

3 year old groups: Mieke

Our Co-educators:

4 year old groups: Keron

4 year old groups: Lee 

3 year old groups: Angie

Our teachers at Box Hill South Pre School are University trained teachers with the appropriate qualifications to teach in both kindergartens and schools.


They have elected to teach in kindergartens because they are passionate about the positive impact quality early childhood programs and play based learning experiences have in the lives of young children.



A primary objective of our teachers is that every child feels comfortable and happy in our environment. Our teaching team values each child as an inpidual and what they bring into the program.


All our staff have current training in:

  • First Aid
  • CPR
  • Asthma
  • Epi Pen usage

What is Our Teaching Team's role in a Play-Based Program?


  • To guide, evoke and to extend play.

  • To evaluate children's play to discover what it is children are learning and to then help shape and extend this learning.

  • To add materials, use questions to expand play, interact, participate, consolidate, observe and monitor play.

Staffing Policy

Code of Conduct Policy

Supervision of Children Policy

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Emergency and Evacuation Policy






Our Committee of Management

Box Hill South Pre School is managed and maintained by a voluntary, parent-run elected Committee of Management. The Committee is a critical part of the organization of the kindergarten and, in conjunction with teaching staff, is responsible for providing an efficient, effective and enjoyable kindergarten experience for our children and their parents/carers. It comprises interested parents from all kinder groups at the kindergarten.


We encourage all parents to consider taking a position on the Committee of Management or Social and Fundraising Sub Committee. Being part of the Box Hill South Pre School's Committee of Management provides a rewarding opportunity to participate in its operation. It also encourages greater networking and lasting friendships between parents (and children), and is satisfying as you are actively providing a service to your local community. Committee meetings are held very month in the evening and are reasonably informal in nature.


The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held in November of each year and all members of our kinder community are welcome to attend. This year it will be held on the 23rd of November commencing at 7.30pm. Committee of Management and Social Fundraising Sub-Commitee for the following year will be elected at this meeting. A handover meeting for the newly elected committee members will be held in early December.

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