Our Kinder Community

As a community kindergarten, parental involvement and ownership is at the very essence of Box Hill South Pre School.


Being involved gives parents much greater input into their child's education. On top of that, it's also fun! Our community is positive and caring, with children, teachers and parents all looking out for each other.


There are many opportunities for parents/carers to help out and be involved in your child's kindergarten, such as:

  • becoming a committee member
  • attending parent participation sessions
  • attending fundraising and social events
  • helping with maintenance
  • swapping or donating clothes, toys or other items
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Parent Participation


The children and staff love having parents and other special people spend time with us during our sessions

  • playing with us
  • reading a story or two
  • helping with snack time
  • and generally assisting during the sessions 

Maybe you could share a special talent or interest with us! It might be playing a musical instrument, cooking, dancing, handicrafts, art, gardening, or a special job in the community.

We have had paramedics, musicians, even watched a baby have a bath! Children love to share their lives with their friends at kindergarten.


A kinder duty roster is made available each term for parents/carers to put their name down for their turn as session helper.


Inclusion and Equity Policy

Maintenance Days


Maintenance Days are held once a term or as needed. These days are an integral part of maintaining the property and equipment, as well as creating a clean, safe and beautiful environment for the children.


A schedule is drawn up each year allocating one morning on a weekend per term (usually alternating Saturday and Sunday mornings), or more as required.


The Kinder Support Levy is refunded to those families who have participated in two Maintenance Days throughout the year. If you are unable to attend a maintenance day and would like your Kinder Support Levy refunded, you can ask to be allocated a special task by our teachers or maintenance officers.


Parent Information Sessions


Throughout the year at Box Hill South Pre School we endeavour to provide parents opportunities to learn more about your child's pre school experience and what to expect during the kinder years at Box Hill South Pre School. Kathy Walker has been a regular speaker (as well as a past student of BHSPS!).


If you have any suggestions for talks or sessions you would like to attend at our kinder, please speak to one of our teachers or a committee member. We are always open to ideas.






Newsletters and notices keep you informed about what is happening at the kinder. The newsletter is usually circulated in the second last week of each term, with diary dates for social and fundraising activities, special sessions and kinder occasions. Our teachers also write a kinder group report outlining what the children have experienced and learned throughout the term.


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Social Events


At least once a term, the Social and Fundraising representatives of the Committee of Management organise social events for parents and carers to gather informally and get to know each other.


As well as these adults only events, many other social events are held throughout the year which give both parents/carers and children a chance to get to know each other better and have a great play! 


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Fundraising Events and Activities 


Box Hill South Pre-School is a not-for-profit organisation and as such relies on fundraising events and activities to raise money to support our educational program and provide new and updated facilities for the children.


We see our kinder as being part of the local community and as such we invite local businesses, retailers and kinder families to sponsor our fundraising efforts. We, in turn, support our sponsors by advertising their businesses to our kinder community.


In past years, our major social and fundraising event for the year has been the Trivia Night and Silent Auction which has always been a huge success and fun-filled evening for all.


In 2017, we are looking at hosting a Lawn Balls Tournament and Silent Auction at Bennettswood Bowling Club. It will be a great opportunity to mingle with other parents/carers and have fun whilst raising funds for the kinder.


Another way you can show your support for the kinder is by shopping with the following retailers who have Customer Loyalty programs with Box Hill South Pre-School:

  • Aussie Farmers Direct
  • Toy World Forest Hill
  • Wattle Park Chemist
  • Smarty Pants
  • Windmill
  • Stuck on You

When making your purchase simply let these retailers know you are from Box Hill South Pre-School and a certain percentage will go towards our kinder.

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 Social Events and Fundraising Committee


The Social and Fundraising representatives keep families informed of up-coming social events and fundraisers via notices and reminders in inpidual children's kinder group pockets. Please also look out for regular updates in the term newsletters and don't forget to follow us on the Box Hill South Pre-School Facebook page.





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